Joe Tacopina ghost wrote a letter for my attacker which she signed to her NYPD fixers? If so it proves the NYPD and Internal Affairs are either shockingly stupid and or the most corrupt police force and or both?

Friday, November 28, 2014

Joe Tacopina Loes His Balls oops Hold Bologna Soccer Italy Joe Saputo owning 51 Percent?

From the Joe Tacopina did you call me cunt opinion and satirical blog....

I get fan mail that describes Tacopina as a big pussy like character from the Sopranos who rated out his best friend, biz partner and client Bernie Kerik in a proffer agreement with the Feds so maybe Joey Saputo started finally to do the math and decided he need to grab power and minimize tacky-0?

I thought Joe Saputo was a big sap --- who else would do biz with Joe Wacky- Tacopina who seems to be constantly threatening People and suing news reporters like Lance Armstrong...?

Does this mean Saputo can dump Tacky-0 as president and relegate him to a back seat if need be.

Who knows maybe Joe Tacky-0 will need money and have to sell his share????  For a lawyer it seems like the lawsuits keep piling up against him.  I hope the NYDN counter sues him this time.

"The tycoon will increase its share in Bologna from the current 25 percent to 51 percent. Strong of these numbers he will take charge of their financial commitments (beginning with sureties to guarantee due for contract to former owners of Bologna) that will be settled soon and that, once carried out, will lead to Casteldebole Corvino. The intent of Saputo and Tacopina is to start working as soon as possible on the market to strengthen the team: the goal this year is to center the series A, without having to go the playoffs. Tacopina knows that Saputo is a key investor and, after turning in Bologna, he realized that he could not lose, and gave its largest shareholder space that asked."

Would tacopina stoop so low and violate his ethics and commit a crime coming hear threatening me...?
please help this go viral so shame MD, my attacker, NYPD, IAB and Cy Vance, ADAs involved thank you. 
Vid 4 second highlights Vine

Cy Vance being yelled down outside NYU Law for what he really is in my opinion a corrupt misogynist  DA.  

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