Joe Tacopina ghost wrote a letter for my attacker which she signed to her NYPD fixers? If so it proves the NYPD and Internal Affairs are either shockingly stupid and or the most corrupt police force and or both?

Wednesday, September 30, 2015

A-Rod Lawyer Joe Tacopina Behind Witness Tampering Threatening Comments included suggestion to take "PILLS"?

A-Rod Lawyer Joe Tacopina Behind Witness Tampering Threatening Comments included suggestion to take "PILLS"?

The  Cunt calling threat YouTube comments my guess by Joe Tacopina tell me to take PILLS for my -- really? Does joe tacopina take pills for his "problems"?

Was Joe Tacopina behind witness tampering threatening me an a "pill" take pills comment does Joe Take pills?

I am not posting the comments -- I am looking at them as I prepare for something coming up very soon.

The comments were public posted on YouTube than forwarded to NYPD, Internal Affairs and NYC Corp Counsel and last year I met with Joan Illuzi than head of hate crimes and I told her my guess it was Joe Tacopina.

I have the comments but the two "lawyer" accounts possible Joe and "a friend of his" are both deleted and the comments gone from the attack video.  Google Dr Fagelman assault to see Deilta Hooks attack me.   The Joe Tacopina styled lawyer a coward who didn't use his real name is a real moron and like Charles Hynes isn't afraid of facing a grand jury.

For some reason the "cunt calling cowardly lawyer wants to destroy me"   any ideas on why I think Joe Tacopina has motive to be a coward break the law and is confident for some reason he can get away with it?

Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Joe Tacopina Involved Witness Tampering?

At this point I didn't name Joe Tacopina and I don't have subpoena power but reading this tonight I do believe -- my guess it was Tacopina and a pal. I guess is he's a coward and he doesn't do anything alone someone helped him because I don't imagine he's some kind of you to Waze but I do believe he's a coward verbally violent threatening coward that's capable of committing crimes and getting away with it because of special relationships and protection Including from dirty corrupt players like his mentor Charles Hynes?
More Proof Internal Affairs Det John Vergona, Andy Dwyer Lt Burgos, Sgt Chen Det Squad CORRUPT email on witness tampering -- irony -- I am sick today -- this is sickening and was it Joe Tacopina the "lawyer" I referenced -- Irony is Det Vergona took over with the threats intimidation witness tampering bait and switch corrupt First Precinct Det Squad actually 2nd degree assault, false cross complaint and Delita Hooks signed a threatening letter agreeing to drop her false cross complaint and did Joe Tacopina draft that?

My neck is in bad shape and my eyes -- I did not know yet how badly damaged my eyes wore by I going to learn not that I could focus on my health because the NYPD verbal violence lies threats prevented me from due process and all the care I should have gotten as a victim of a savage crime.

  #NYPD Det. John Vergona email Witness Tampering by "lawyer"  health issues sick, neck from Attack...

Look at the head of this email and clearly Det John Vergona and all involved in the corruption, coercion, violence and lies the threats did and covered up everyones's involvement -- there it is witness tampering and it is 6 days after the attack this email and 13 days before Det John Vergona does his own witness tampering committing the crime of coercion.

It was a bait and switch it was actually 2nd degree assault, a false cross complaint and a signed letter by my attacker threatening me again warning me to not come back and file assault charges or she will again and my guess it  was Joe Tacopina the same person I reference in the letter but didn't actually write my suspicion it is Tacopina and company.

Monday, September 28, 2015

Joe Tacopina aka Mr. Cuntee? Tacopina Says Saputo Jealous of him Hilarious!!!!!!

Tacopina Says Saputo Jealous of him Hilarious!!!!!!

I will get back to that in a moment but FYI  Joe Tacky's new nickname....

Joe Tacopina aka Mr. Cuntee?   My new nickname since I think, my guess he is behind the coward guilty of witness tampering, threatening me, warning me to not come forward or the tables would be turned calling me a confrontative cunt and the corrupt NYPD involved did just that and commited the crime of coercion my case and lied in police reports.... There is karma and it looks in some way that Tacopina is getting some karma pie and I call him Cuntee or Mr Cuntee because I believe he is quite the cunt caller.    Tacopina Says Saputo Jealous of him Hilarious!!!!!!

Joe Tacopina crowns his website with an image of Mr. Abner Louima.  If you don't know who he is google NYPD sodomy Abner Loiuma.   Mr Louima was raped by an NYPD officer who used a broken wood stick to rape him anally and orally.


We will never know if A-Rod paid tacopina or tacky's compensation was face time so Tacky could pretend he is a rock star when in fact he is not even  a super lawyer anymore -- he pays lawyers to fight off lawsuits????   Tacopina just laws whoops LOST a hugely embarrassing lawsuit against the NYDN part duh whoops part deux!!!!†

I am laughing so hard because I have a blog devoted to Joe Tacopina imply  everything that goes wrong for him is because PEOPLE are jealous of him!!!!!!!!!    From this very blog I WARNED JOEY SAPUTO!!!!!!!

This NYDN article is written by the 2 heroic sports reporters who join me now as being threatened by Joe big pussy Tacopina and Tacopina had to exit with tail between his legs...?    Below a Village Voice article and a reminder I filed a complaint with Supreme court disciplinary committee and Joe had Chad Seigel threatened me with a lawsuit so I responded I would counter sue Joe Tacopina and Chad Venus Fly Trap Seigel (they had the NYPD rape victim's vagina compared to a venus fly trap) and I wrote back who I would call in my lawsuit including a certain ex-client of Tacopina's and I never heard back from Joe Tacopina so did he contact Delita Hooks and get her involved in committing even more crimes confident that Internal Affairs Mary O'Donnell and the First Precinct would protect Joe Tacopina and Delita Hooks or just confident the NYPD are shockingly stupid and or corrupt or both?

Joe Tacopina losing his balls Mr. Cuntee is what I call him since I allege he possible is behind the misogynist hate crime witness tampering aggravated harassment and I allege even ghost wrote a letter for my attacker Delita Hooks which SHE SIGNED written to her NYPD fixers so that makes them all involved in threatening me and the letter was read to me by ex Internal affairs NYPD Sgt Mary O'Donnell so NYPD Sgt than IAB Mary O'Donnell read my attacker's letter in pure Tacopina style THREATENING me yet again just like the Joe Tacopina style threat by a "lawyer" but to cowardly to use his real name....Joe Tacopina but the official letter to the NYPD left out the word CUNT.

Joe Tacopina has called how many women cunts?  I call him Mr Cuntee and I think he is guilty of aggravated harassment, witness tampering, threatening me in my case where I was savagely assaulted at Dr Andrew FAgelman but the NYPD are too corrupt so I have to wait for him to commit even a bigger crime?????  Hardee har har...   Joe Tacopina big PUSSY?

1) he is called the informant lawyer?

2) he is a rapist who is going to jail....?  Innmates are going to tattoo Abner Louima the court drawing Joe Tacopina crowns his website with on his back and he is going to get prison justice?

3) Joe Saputo cut off his balls bolognie and what ever money he extorted whoops got out of Saputo it won't be enough to get his balls back?   I don't believe he got as much as he trying to pretend he got do I say in my opinion-oh yeah it is an opinion blog.

4)  Is this the big pussy photo ?

I made this parody before Joe Tacopina dropped the first lawsuit against the NYDN but Tacopina not a rocket scientist sued yet again and HE LOST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!   Joe Tacopina was such good friends with the NYDN he bragged about getting the NYPD rape cops off and than the NYDN editors gave him a piece to write on rape but not that the NYDN got the Tacopina Rape Treatment that won't ever happen again.

Thursday, September 17, 2015

Joe Tacopina Wacked by Joe Saputo, Tacopina Burns Another Bridge!

Joe Tacopina Wack-apina Joe Wacks Another Friendship Joe Saputo What a No Tacopina just like MLB?
Joe Tacopina KOed in Court by NYDN, Tim Palatore and now Joe's Ex Pal Joey Saputo has kicked Joe Tacopina to the Curb?

"CONCLUSIONS - The judge ruled that Tacopina, being now out of the game and not having participated in the increase of the capital, has nothing to be preserved, but has set a new hearing in the presence of Tacopina and Saputo to find a solution. The split, however, is now irreconcilable."

Joey Saputo figured out what A-Rod painfully learned Joe Tacopina not an asset but an ASSets?  Tacopina no longer a super lawyer but a liar or a super pain in the a$$?

A-Rod now Joey Saputo Learns Joe Tacopina not an Asset but a Pain in the Ass--ets?

Joey Saputo figured out what A-Rod painfully learned Joe Tacopina not an asset but an ASS?  Tacopina no longer a super lawyer but a liar or a super pain in the ass?

"CONCLUSIONS - The judge ruled that Tacopina, being now out of the game and not having participated in the increase of the capital, has nothing to be preserved, but has set a new hearing in the presence of Tacopina and Saputo to find a solution. The split, however, is now irreconcilable."

A-Rod now Joey Saputo Learns Joe Tacopina not an Asset but a Pain in the Ass--ets?

Joe Tacopina A-Rod Ex Super Liar Lawyer Raping his Ex Friend's Wallet Joey Saputo Court Dates NYC Coming?

Joe Tacopina the party of promotion to Serie A's Bologna.  Bight
Joe Tacopina the party of promotion to Serie A's Bologna. Bight
Tacopina vs Saputo, act first. On September 10 in fact (but the details have come out today) before the judge Jeffrey Oing, there was the first contact between John and Sheila Goldman Sadighi, legal respectively Joe Tacopina and Joey Saputo.

TACOPINA VERSION - The parties have made ​​clear on their positions: on the one hand Goldman reiterated that Tacopina would be bypassed by his partner Joey Saputo, which did not comply with the agreement signed last December 1. Agreement providing loans against Joe to support capital increases, and the maintenance of the office of president. The problem would arise, however, when Saputo - obliged to pay the money to Tacopina, useful to maintain its share in the partnership - has not complied with the commitments, acting rather large capital increases knowing that his partner could not sustain them through their own efforts economic. So share Tacopina fell current 13.69%. Finally, a letter a few days ago in which Saputo announced to Tacopina that was no longer the president of Bologna and which forced him to take legal action.
VERSION KNOWN - According to Sheila Sadighi the notification letter of September would not change the cards on the table instead. The legal Canadian entrepreneur in fact, explained that Tacopina knew since last July 23 that Saputo would not have lent the money and that its share would fall below 15%, going to settle the terms of the agreement. The capital increases therefore, not least that which has virtually sidelined Tacopina, can not therefore be unjustified as Advocate Goldman, but rather due to a deficit that company was waived and increased costs due to return to Serie A . Finally Sadighi explained that to steal the presidency Tacopina will need a board of directors and that Joe, despite having acted in recent days in Italy even as patron rossobl├╣, will not be paid for it. In addition, the office of the Canadian believes that there is no damage to Tacopina, as the New York for several months he had the majority.
BOTTA & RESPONSE - After the description of the respective positions, John Goldman - legal Tacopina - claimed that everything is created by the absence of the agreement Park Lane Investments, which poured 15 million euro agreed causing more immediate commitment to part of Joey Saputo, who would say that it is not willing to prevaricate Tacopina, which instead would be caused irreparable damage not only in economic terms, but also relative to the loss of power on a club among the healthiest in the world of sports. The party, represented by Sheila Sadighi, responded that the demands are not met since the five days offered Joe to respond to the capital increase. Any restraining order could also ensure Tacopina to earn a salary as president, but would not restore the situation of the shares. Tacopina, according Sadighi, not now governs the company since last February, being now Claudio Fenucci to play this role.
CONCLUSIONS - Judge Jeffrey Oing considered that now Tacopina is out of the game and has nothing to preserve, not having adhered to the capital increase by 31 August. Even the restraining order requested by the lawyer New York would now effect, seen too many events that occurred before the trial. At the request of the lawyer Goldman however, Judge Oing agreed to set a new hearing in the presence of Tacopina and Saputo, pertrovare a solution. Solution that will be found in one way or another, for a fracture now evidently incurable.

article by  Luigi Polce 

Suzannah B. Troy's opinion

 Do I have to say Joe Tacopina belong in jail in my opinion or is that a given because this is an opinion blog. Joe Tacopina was humiliated in court by the NYDN and Tim Palatore -- Joe Tacopina lost in court here in the USA and Tacopina was too stupid to be happy he got off on what was a frivolous and stupid lawsuit especially against a gutsy NYDN sports reporter!

 Joe Tacopina in my opinion is a moron who uses verbal violence, threats -- like the NYPD that forced me to drop charges and IAB Sgt Mary O'Donnell who sat in a car by Washington Square Park and read me my attacker Dr Andrew Fagelman's violent lying attack receptionist signed letter THREATENING me again and I BELIEVE JOE TACOPINA DRAFTED THE LETTER FOR DELITA HOOKS A VERY SERIOUS CRIME but Joe Tacopina so far is like his ex boss Charles Hynes the Brooklyn DA and the corrupt cops Hynes protected so Tacopina has avoided being disbarred and if I get subponea power my goal is get whom ever was behind the threats on YouTube and ghost wrote that letter as well as the NYPD involved in threatening me ARRESTED along with my attacker. This would take a special prosecutor and I continue to hope one day along with other victims we will get Justice.

 For now I am many others are celebrating the fact Joe Tacopina aka super liar Bernie Kerik proved that, the informant lawyer has burnt yet another bridge. He wanted Saputo to be his sugar daddy and Tacopina would get to act like some rock star but Saputo....

Here in NYC Joe Tacopina is called the informant lawyer and there are soprano analogies to Big Pussy....

Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Joe Tacopina KOed in Court by Bernie Kerik's Lawyer and NYDN Sports Reporter

Joe Tacopina KOed in Court by NYDN Sports Reporter and Kerik's Lawyer Tim Palatore! 

Joe Tacopina big fat super liar?
Yikes and Mr Toxic Tacky Tacopina helping Sarah Wallace with her career like he helped A-Rod? Tacopina's money bags backer Joey Saputo wants a divorce won't be renewing Mr Toxic's contract in Italy?

Tacopina not welcome in any sports arena in the USA?

#MLB pulled back the curtain exposed this super liar as Bernie Kerik proved with secretly recorded audio - waiting for Ethics Committee to KO?

suzannahbtroy: @mlb @arod Defamation Suit Against Kerik Lawyer and Daily News Dismissed aka Joe Tacopina humiliated  read report NY Law Journal

@suzannahbtroy: @colbertlateshow @MLB @AROD Who sues sports reporter? NYDN gave #NYPD rape cop lawyer piece to write on rape! Not anymore! NYDN KOed Tacky!

@suzannahbtroy: @colbertlateshow @MLB @AROD Joe Tacopina suing NYDN sports reporter as smart a move as Tacopina's media whore antics to "help" A-Rod.

@suzannahbtroy: @jimmykimmel @arod @mlb joe Tacopina brilliant handling a-Rod like Tacopina brilliant suing NYDN sports reporter! NYDN KOed A-Rod's Mr Tacky

@suzannahbtroy: @Joelsherman1 MLB X-posed A-Rod liar oops lawyer Tacopina sues sports reporter albatrossnecklace karmapie Tacky loses